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All Heart Infusion is a nonprofit nursing organization located in Spokane, WA serving the Inland Northwest community up to 200 miles outside of Spokane.

The mission of All Heart Infusion is to provide the full continuum of care (body, mind and spirit) for people of all ages and stages of life, educating, inspiring and empowering them to be their own advocate and live the fullest life possible. Our vision is to provide patients and families with compassionate, individualized care, no matter their ability to pay, while going beyond treatment standards and striving to improve their quality of life and spirit. We lead with our heart, we care with our heart because we are All Heart Infusion. Infusion nursing is a specialty, infusion nurses deal specifically with intravenous care and manage peripheral IVs accessing the vein, as well as multiple types of central lines which give direct access to the person's heart, making expertise and high standards of care essential in preventing infections. The population we serve is largely the chronically ill of the Inland Northwest, through our Charity Care Program we serve the uninsured, underinsured and poverty stricken population of our community.

We care for approximately 44 chronically ill patients continually. Of those about 25% benefit from our charity care program. Those benefiting fall below the poverty level and require assistance to make ends meet. Our program allows them to know that their care, or loved one's care is the best it can be and they don't have to worry about how they will pay for it.

Charity Care Program:

Goals of this program are as follows;

  • To serve, underprivileged and impoverished sectors of the population, of the inland northwest by providing expert home infusion nursing care to patients without exception. By doing so we are helping patients by reducing stress for the family, less exposure to hospital infection, reducing overall time required to address their illness, allowing the family and or caregiver the opportunity to learn how to administer infusions in the home.
  • We want to create a streamline of care with consistency, patients will know their nurse and have them as a resource while going through the journey that is healthcare.
  • We work as advocates for all our patients. Helping them to know which questions to ask, how to manage healthcare providers and their own plan of care.
  • We want to impact the community by providing this care free of charge, lessening the overall cost of Medicaid to the taxpayers in our area.

Who do we serve:

All Heart Infusion patient Lincoln A perfect example of a patient we serve through this program is our little warrior Lincoln, at the age of 2 months old this little guy was diagnosed with hemophilia, a bleeding disorder which prevents his blood from clotting. This means the common bumps and bruises that are normal for most children could be life threatening for Lincoln. At the age of 2 years old our nurses started caring for Lincoln, who is now 6. He has what is called a PICC line, this is a type of central line that is essentially a tube that goes from his arm directly to his heart, allowing his parents to administer medicine that promotes clotting of his blood. Lincoln will require this treatment for the rest of his life and therefore our focus is to provide the best care possible while helping him be comfortable with the process and have no fear associated with it. During a brief-period Lincoln was not in our care he had a line infection, which is 100% preventable and can have a 50% mortality rate. To date Lincoln has had the same line, infection free for 2 years. He comes in once a week for a dressing change and the occasional blood draw, he is so comfortable with the process he hops in the chair, sits by himself, turns on Maroon 5 and sings through the whole visit. Entertaining us the entire time.

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