Guests of Honor

We are happy to announce our Guest of Honor this year, Shariea!

Shar is an artist from western Washington. She grew up in the south sound most of her life and is more familiar with forest and farm fields than she is with the noise of the city. Moving across country to be with some friends she started doing commission work to help get by, and it eventually bloomed into a freelance career that she enjoys today.

Largely self taught, Shar has enjoyed artwork from a young age, though not actively doing much beyond the occasional doodle before 2011. Having always had an interest in anthropomorphic creatures and fantasy it was easy to let her creative imagination loose and create new characters.

Currently, Shar enjoys drawing fantasy scenes as much as possible, forests and night themes are her favorite. A strong love of water, dense forests, snow, and star scapes fills her artwork with bright and vibrant popping colors when at all possible. She hopes that everyone can pick up a pencil and just start doodling, because you never know where it will take you.

Shar's FurAffinity